Yardley Son Vows to Get a Vaccine to His 92-Year-Old Homebound Dad


Yardley Son Vows to Get a Vaccine to His 92-Year-Old Homebound Dad 

Frank Cartelli of Yardley has taken every COVID precaution possible to protect his 92-year-old dad, but he’s struggling mightily to schedule an in-home vaccination for him, reported Tracy Davidson of NCB10

The Cartellis have overhauled their way of life to keep the coronavirus at bay: They never go out. All their shopping is done virtually, with contactless delivery to their home. They even created an extensive sanitizing station in the garage. 

What they can’t do is get Francis, Frank’s dad, a shot. 

“It’s frustrating that we can physically protect our homebound family and friends to a certain degree,” Cartelli said. “We can’t protect them to the degree a vaccine can.” 

Bucks County Health Department Director Dr. David Damsker says it’ll be a month or two before they can vaccinate people like Francis. “We will get a list together of people that require this kind of service. It’s very labor intensive obviously,” Dr. Damsker said. 

Damsker recommends Bucks County residents in need of this kind of service contact the Health Department (by phone at 215.345.3328 or by email) to get on a list. 

Read more about vaccinations for homebound residents at NCB10, here

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