With Pediatricians Receiving Curiously Large Shipments of Vaccine, Area Doctor Turns Frustration into Action

Image via Jessica Griffin, Philadelphia Inquirer.
Dr. Christine Meyer.

Frustrated with the state’s rollout method for the COVID-19 vaccine, Chester County physician Christine Meyer started a Facebook group to help people who are seeking vaccination secure their appointments, writes Jason Laughlin for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Meyer has been working on getting doses for her practice and its 20,000 patients, at least 5,000 of whom are now eligible to receive a vaccine due to their age or health conditions. The state’s Department of Health confirmed that her application had been received, but that was the last she heard from them.

Meanwhile, her husband’s pediatric office was approved to receive doses of the vaccine on Feb. 6 — despite none of the vaccines having been approved for use on children.

So, Meyer turned her frustration with the process into action. She formed a Facebook group where volunteers search online registration sites to find available appointments and then register anyone who asked for help.

Proving that there is a huge need, the group has since exploded, garnering nearly 60,000 members and helping thousands of people get their appointments.

Read more about the physician’s efforts in The Philadelphia Inquirer here.

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