Warminster Husband Honors Late Wife with Valentine’s Day Blood Drive


Warminster’s Michael Greenberg honored his late wife, Alison, who died of leukemia, with an annual Valentine’s Day blood drive, writes Matteo Iadonisi for 6abc.

“I really can’t even put in words what it means to give blood right now,” said Greenberg.

He learned about the crucial need for blood donations after his wife’s sudden diagnosis.

“She went through it for a year and a half, and every time she got chemo, she would need transfusions,” Greenberg recalled. “I mean, it can be like every other day.”

His wife was a huge Disney fan who continued to travel to Walt Disney World with her husband and two children even after her diagnosis. She passed away in September 2019, just weeks away from her 40th birthday.

“It feels like yesterday that I lost Alison, but it feels like years since I heard her voice or, you know, hugged her or went out to dinner with her,” said Greenberg.

She also loved Valentine’s Day, which now gives the holiday a new meaning for her husband.

“I mean, what better way to celebrate a love day than to give blood?” he said.

Read more about Michael Greenberg at 6abc here.

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