Thousands of New Jobs and Millions of Square Feet of Industry Set to Revive Former U.S. Steel Site

Image via Bucks Local News

By this summer, construction should be well underway to transform U.S. Steel’s Falls Township site from a vestige of the area’s grim industrial past to a harbinger of economic resurrection, reports Bucks Local News. 

Rising from the former hulks of steel-producing machinery will be the first 1 million square feet of large-scale warehouse space on the eastern side of River Road, south of Biles Creek, on the eastern portion of the development.  

The build-out is expected to advance from that toehold. It will eventually encompass 15 million square feet of warehousing space in 20+ buildings spread across 1,800 acres. 

NorthPoint Development, LLC, driving the transformation, estimates that 5,000-10,000 new light industry jobs will result. It is investing $1.5 billion into the transformation of the site, named The Keystone Trade Center. 

Ancillary benefits to the township include contributions to police and fire service, road maintenance and a long-term commitment to green energy.  

For further details on this development, read the Bucks County Local story, here

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