Roundtable to Kitchen Table: League of Women Voters Addresses Food Insecurity

Image via Rolling Harvest Food Rescue
Cathy Snyder of Rolling Harvest Food Rescue

According to, more than 16,000 children in Bucks County — roughly 13 percent of the county’s kids — are food insecure. In response, the Bucks County League of Women Voters is holding a discussion on the issue, reports Bucks Local News. 

The April 10 presentation will address the breadth and depth of the problem to not only raise awareness but also identify how we can fix it.  

The virtual session, “Hunger Crisis: It Doesn’t Have to Be So,” will help attendees understand both the complexities of and opportunities for food pantries. Other information includes nutrition, supply-chain details food justice advocacy and the role of government in ending hunger. 

In setting a larger context for the issue, the program will compare Bucks County’s food insecurity statistics with those of Pennsylvania at large. It will discuss solutions that can eminate from both government and grassroots efforts. 

Organizations represented include: 

  • Bucks County Housing Group 
  • Hunger and Nutrition Coalition of Bucks County 
  • Rolling Harvest Food Rescue 
  • Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger 

For more information, including registration, see Bucks Local News

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