Psst… Wanna See a Movie? In a Real Theater? Ya Gotta Know the Password

Image via Dan at Creative Commons

The Newtown Theater will again dim its houselights and put the shine back on its silver screen for four Friday nights, starting March 26, writes Peter Blanchard in the Patch

The film fest has a loose “speakeasy” theme, meaning that although the movies themselves don’t exactly speak to rumrunners and Chicago police raids, they do require a bit of sneakiness to view. Attendees will register and pay online and receive a password, which them then must whisper — through their masks — at the back door. 

The crowd will be monitored for COVID safety as far as number of tickets sold. Seats will be separated. Masks are required while moving around, but can be lowered to eat, drink and watch. 

For a list of dates, times and features, read the Patch article, here


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