Newtown Mom Shares Pointers for Being a Pro at Pandemic Parenting


6ABC reported that a Newtown mom has become quite adept at raising her young children while working from home during the pandemic. 

She’s gotten so good at it, in fact, she’s sharing her secrets. 

Last March, Emily Advani — along with the rest of the nation — found herself in pandemic lockdown. She quickly had to juggling the shifting priorities of her husband Reuben and four girls (three under the age of seven, one a seven-month-old baby). 

“You can imagine what our life is like on a daily basis,” Advani said. “There are toys strewn around; a chorus of Zoom meetings; singing in the background; and there’s me bouncing around.” 
Advani has found the key to her success is to start early — as in, the night before, when she organizes snacks and lunches. 

She’s learned to set small goals throughout the day, reducing her to-do list to bite-sized chunks: vacuuming in this hour, helping her kindergartener in that one. 
When it comes to romance, instead of dinners out, date nights are now at the kitchen counter. There, they “…get a little bit of one-on-one time. We feel a little of that parenting relief where we can have a meal, catch up and spend that time together,” Advani said. 

Advani’s full interview is available at 6ABC. 

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