Bucks County Residents Get COVID Clarity from Direct Questioning of Officials 

Image via Vaccine Stock Photos at Creative Commons

In response to confusion regarding the who-where-when of COVID-19, a group of Bucks County residents took their issues directly to county leaders, writes Peter Blanchard of the Patch

Answering questions phoned in from residents were: 

  • Bucks County Commissioner Bob Harvie
  • County Health Director David Damsker
  • County Interim Director of Emergency Services Audrey Kelly

Expressions of confusion and exasperation were common, as callers voiced their frustration with the registration process.

A 73-year-old grocery store cashier in Doylestown, confessed she has “no idea” how to get a vaccination appointment. Damsker pointed out that vaccines are available at Doylestown Health sites, as well as pharmacies like CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens. 

But he did recognize the overall challenge of securing a shot: “You have to sort of be an Internet sleuth to figure out some of it.” 

A Chalfont caller asked what other counties in Pennsylvania have done differently to secure greater quantities of the vaccine. 

“It certainly has been frustrating for us,” Harvie said. “Some counties getting large doses has to do with [the size and reach of their] health care systems.” 

The panel made a general, gentle plea for patience and persistence in seeking a vaccine. 

More about the questions asked and answered is available at the Patchhere

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