Bucks County Township Has Eyes on How You Drive around its Schools


Image via Rae Allen at Creative Commons

Bensalem is using a high-tech solution to increase traffic safety around its schools, reports CBS3. Officials reported the installation of 27 beacons that transmit live traffic information to police. This smart technology uses cameras and radar to report activity around the township’s 14 schools. 

The goal is to cut down on speeding and other dangerous driving in school zones, like drivers who pass school buses illegally. 

“This cutting-edge solution will minimize and mitigate the possibilities of something not good happening,” said Dr. Samuel Lee, the superintendent of Bensalem School District. 

“They saw a problem and they said let’s fix it because students are our number one priority to make sure these kids are getting to school and getting home safely,” said Fred Harran, Bensalem Township’s public safety director. 

With the new system, police will be able to control traffic lights using an app on their smartphones. 

Drivers will also get visual feedback of their speeds as they drive in these areas. 

To view the full details, see the CBS3 story

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