Bensalem-based Airline Hydraulics Corporation Donates More Than $100K Worth of Clear Safety Barriers to Local Schools

Image via 6ABC.
Mark Steffens, CEO of Bensalem-based Airline Hydraulics Corporation. Steffens' company has donated over 500 clear safety barriers worth more than $100,000 to local schools.

While the CDC is recommending students return to the classroom for as long as the required safety measures are in place, implementing the required measures can be pricey for many local schools, writes Erin O’Hearn for 6abc.

To help, Bensalem-based Airline Hydraulics Corporation has been offering its services to schools to offset the costs. The distribution and manufacturing company has so far donated more than $100,000 worth in clear safety barriers to schools in the region.

While manufacturing clear safety barriers was not a central part of the business prior to the pandemic, CEO Mark Steffens saw an opportunity to help schools welcome the students back while keeping his employees working during the crippling economic downturn.

“We started hearing our stories from some of our employees about the fact they are juggling all these balls and they don’t remember algebra and don’t know how to do this and that,” said Steffens. “And we just said we’ve got to do something. We’ve got to help people somehow. And so we keep the teachers safe and we keep the kids safe.”

More than 500 barriers have been distributed to various schools so far.

Read more about Airline Hydraulics Corporation at 6abc here.

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