Wiser Wealth: Puppies Adopted During Pandemic Come with Hefty Price Tag, But There Are Ways to Keep These Bills Down


Many people opted to adopt a dog during the pandemic for companionship while not considering the expenses that come with the decision, writes Bruce Horovitz for The Wall Street Journal.

According to Rover, the annual cost of a dog’s basic needs range from $610 to $2,115, depending on several factors, including where you live.

This is why it is important to factor your dog’s expenses into a monthly budget and find ways to reduce all the costs associated with having a four-legged family member.

Food is usually the largest annual expense for dog owners. The average annual bill comes out to $259.

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This can be helped by using pet-food subscription services that send the food to you monthly at a reduced rate. Also joining dog-food rewards and loyalty programs, and buying in bulk with coupons can add savings.

The next item on the list is pet insurance. While it is a monthly expenditure, it can save a dog owner thousands of dollars in the long run.

Accident-only plans are usually less expensive than those that also cover illnesses, and range typically from $500 to $1,000 annually.

Health care and medication are expensive but can be managed by looking for discounts on prescription dog medications online and buying generic versions of pet medications when available.

Grooming and boarding expenses also have to be accounted for. Grooming prices vary by location, but can usually be reduced by refusing some of the usual services offered that you can do by yourself, such as nail trimming.

Meanwhile, the boarding nationwide average price is $35 per day. You can save some money by opting out of extra services or providing your own food for the dog.

Read more about cutting dog-related expenses at The Wall Street Journal by clicking here.


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