Legendary Bucks County Vaccinologist Talks Challenges of Getting the Vaccine He Helped Create

Image via Pexels.
Stanley Plotkin, a legendary vaccinologist, had to overcome major challenges to receive the vaccine he helped develop.

Stanley Plotkin, the 88-year-old legendary vaccinologist who lives in nearby Bucks County, did not expect to run into as many issues as he encountered while trying to receive the COVID-19 vaccine he helped develop, writes Eli Saslow for The Washington Post.

Image via ADVAC.

“I’ve been so focused on helping to develop these vaccines that I barely thought about the mechanics of getting it myself until this month,” said Plotkin. “How can our process be this complicated?”

Plotkin is in the priority group and qualifies for the vaccine by all Phase One recommendations.

Despite that, he spent several weeks calling around to see where and when he could be inoculated within 20 miles of his house. He got no clear answers.

He also “did research online and registered for all sorts of things with the state and county, and I never heard back,” he said.

Meanwhile his wife had become frustrated with the process and expanded the search to other towns. Just by chance, she managed to find a hospital with openings.

“I realize a big part of the problem is the lack of supply, but of people are being left on their own to navigate this disorganized mess,” he said.

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