General Recreation’s Focus Is Local When Designing Community Playgrounds

A modern playground designed by General Recreation.
Image via General Recreation.
Community playgrounds always have a local flavor with General Recreation.

General Recreation, Inc. in Newtown Square understands that local needs are important when designing community playgrounds or recreation projects.

By working with local consultants, General Recreation can deliver a level of service that it wouldn’t be able to deliver if it were dictating from an office in a city far away.

General Recreation cares about the locales of these play spaces beyond just the physical dimensions or the money involved.

A playground design is more than just pieces of equipment connected together haphazardly. It is a focal point for your community, a meeting place, a hang-out place, a relaxation place, a public place, and hopefully, a favorite place. It needs a proper plan that includes local input from the stakeholders.

It would be wrong to trust such a space to someone who has never been there, who never saw what it was or could be, or who has not taken the time to understand the particular needs of the location.

General Recreation sees the bigger picture, and local service is a big part of it.

For example, General Recreation’s Andy Cush made sure he worked with representatives of Upper Merion Township Parks and Recreation Department and some local residents to replace the old, decrepit playground with a new, state-of-the-art, commercial-grade playground equipment at Sweedland Park in King of Prussia.

Local service combined with excellent products delivers a thrilling space for your community playgrounds.

General Recreation in Newtown Square serves Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware and has helped hundreds of community leaders and organizations build playgrounds that are safe, aesthetically pleasing, and made to last.

General Recreation projects are supported by expert services, including site evaluation, playground design, installation, and community build services.

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