General Recreation: We-Go-Swing, Revolutionary New Inclusive Swing

A young boy in a wheelchair and a woman on the We-Go-Swing
Image via General Recreation Inc.

General Recreation Inc. in Newtown Square, a provider of commercial playground and recreational equipment throughout the region, always has its eye on inclusive play, making sure that all children can join in the fun.

With that in mind, General Recreation introduces the We-Go-Swing, providing a whole new way to play for all.

It’s the first no-transfer inclusive swing that can be integrated into a playground setting, inviting kids of all abilities.

The spacious entry deck can be connected to a ramp for easy roll-on access, meaning there’s no need to transfer from a mobility device to join in.

 There’s plenty of room for children of all ages and their caregivers to sit and/or stand together and enjoy a ride.

The handlebars help move the swing so all users are actively contributing to the motion. Kids on board are working together, building cooperation and creating fun for everyone.

And with all the children helping create the swinging motion, they are engaging muscles throughout their bodies while building motor planning skills, strength and balance.

The swing is designed for age ranges between 2 to 5 and 5 to 12.  It is ADA compliant and comes with either one accessible bay and bench seat, or two accessible bays. A 60-inch by 72-inch entry deck is included.

The handlebars assist with moving the swing and keep users in place. They rotate for easy entrance and exit.

The We-Go-Swing can be located in the midst of playground activity and does not need to be fenced, locked or segregated.

Impact-minimizing materials and integrated soft stops allow the We-Go-Swing to be located in the midst of playground activity and not segregated, fenced or locked.

About General Recreation

Since 1973, General Recreation Inc. has been a leading distributor of commercial playground equipment. They serve Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and have helped hundreds of community leaders and organizations build playgrounds that are safe, aesthetically pleasing and made to last.

General Recreation projects are supported by expert and trusted services, including site evaluation, playground design, installation and community build services.

Whether your playground will consist of an outdoor playground at a preschool or a large community playground, experienced commercial playground experts will help you every step of the way.

Find out more about the work of General Recreation.

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