These Bucks County Destinations Have Been Listed as Some of the Most Gorgeous Towns in Pennsylvania

Doylestown's Fonthill Castle (left) and the New Hope-Lambertville Bridge (right)
Images via Mercer Museum and Fonthill Castle/ Delaware River Joint Toll Bridge Commission.
Both New Hope and Doylestown have become synonymous with a culture of cool that has made them a site for those near and far.

Two popular destinations in Bucks County have been named some of the most gorgeous towns in Pennsylvania, with residents and visitors in agreement. Alicia Remmy wrote about the towns for The Travel.

Doylestown was listed as the second most gorgeous town in Pennsylvania, while New Hope was listed as the tenth. Jim Thorpe, located in Carbon County, took the top spot on the list.

Doylestown is considered to be one of the most wonderful places to visit in the state. For those looking to enjoy Bucks County’s local history, the town is replete with spots to visit. Fonthill Castle, the Mercer Museum, the Michener Art Museum, and the Moravian Pottery and Tile Works are just a few popular spots for locals and visitors.

Only 40 miles away from Philadelphia, 70 miles from New York City, and a walk across the bridge from Lambertville over in New Jersey, New Hope has become a hub for visitors all around the Northeast, with many celebrities calling the borough their home on and off throughout the last few decades.

With its wide array of connections to famous stars in the music and entertainment industries, both towns have become synonymous with a culture of cool that has made them a site for those near and far.

Read more about why Doylestown and New Hope are two of the most gorgeous towns in Pennsylvania in The Travel.


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