Borough of West Reading Takes Significant Technological Leap Forward, Thanks to Haverford Systems

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Image via the Borough of West Reading.
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The Borough of West Reading recently took a significant technological leap forward, courtesy of Haverford Systems, the region’s most experienced company for audiovisual installations.

West Reading’s recent technological upgrades have not only revolutionized the way the borough conducts its meetings but have also significantly enhanced the quality of its audiovisual systems.

“Like everyone throughout the pandemic, we realized that we needed some upgrades if we were going to do hybrid meetings,” said Dean Murray, West Reading Borough Manager. “We had a Pylon speaker, with a camera in it, hooked up to a laptop. With our spotty Wi-Fi, things were hit or miss.”

In early 2023, Murray reached out to Haverford Systems, which has more than 30 years of industry experience, particularly in bridging the gap between technology and effective communication.

“We had three different companies come in and give assessments,” said Murray. “Haverford Systems laid out the best plan, for the best price, and working with them has completely transformed the way we conduct our meetings.”

Haverford Systems installed two state-of-the-art displays and two PTZOptics EPTZ cameras. These cameras, known for their exceptional video quality, have brought a new level of clarity to the borough’s meetings, making them more effective and engaging. Haverford Systems also installed a dedicated PC, a move that has streamlined the borough’s meetings. This strategic decision has eliminated the need for reliance on laptops, making the process more efficient and less prone to technical glitches.

The audio system also received a significant upgrade. Haverford Systems installed a QSYS core nano, a compact, powerful, and flexible audio solution that has dramatically improved the sound quality in the meeting rooms. To complement this, new soundtube speakers were also installed, providing crystal clear audio and enhancing the overall meeting experience.

“Haverford Systems has helped us grow by leaps and bounds,” said Murray. “They’re a top-notch company that provided great customer service.”

“Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction drives us to create state-of-the-art AV experiences,” said R.T. Chalfant, Integration Sales Account Manager at Haverford Systems. “Whether you’re looking to modernize a meeting space, enrich a learning environment, or transform an entire facility, Haverford Systems is the partner you can trust.”

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