Rosemont College and Cutting-Edge Tech: A Perfect Match

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With the help of Haverford Systems, classrooms at Rosemont College have turned into futuristic learning spaces.
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Welcome to Rosemont College, nestled in the heart of the Main Line. It’s where education and innovation walk hand-in-hand. With the helping hand of Haverford Systems, a leader in audio-visual technology, classrooms have turned into futuristic learning spaces.

Fresh, New Ways to Learn

Imagine learning with interactive whiteboards, collaborative tools, and hybrid-ready experiences. This isn’t a scene from a sci-fi movie; it’s a reality at Rosemont College, thanks to Haverford Systems. Every classroom is a playground for creativity, fostering problem-solving and critical thinking in students.

Let’s not forget the Spectrum Flex furniture decked out in university colors. Configured for interaction and engagement, students have a clear view of touch-screen interactive Sharp Aquos Boards.

Lecture Capture Systems for Enhanced Learning

Ever replay a lecture for those crucial points? With advanced PTZOptics pan, tilt, and zoom cameras, lecture capture systems at Rosemont make this possible. It’s learning at your pace, your space, ensuring better comprehension and retention.

What if a student can’t attend in person? No problem. Distance isn’t a barrier at Rosemont. PTZOptics cameras, wireless headsets, and handheld microphones bridge the gap, bringing the classroom experience right to the student’s home.

The Showcase of the Future

A newly renovated building at Rosemont College has been transformed into a state-of-the-art meeting space, thanks to Haverford Systems. The room, equipped for significant meetings, now acts as a global connector for the college, linking it with experts worldwide.

Visualize this: a Zoom room with an iPad to kick-start meetings wirelessly. Boundary table microphones pick up every word, be it a full house or a cozy group. A 98-inch Planar flat panel display, a PTZOptics camera, and concealed pendant speakers make it a sophisticated tech haven.

The Future of Learning with Haverford Systems

Haverford Systems and Rosemont College — a partnership that’s driving learning into the future. They’ve created an environment that stretches the boundaries of traditional learning, making Rosemont’s journey exhilarating.

Are you ready to take the leap into the future of learning with Haverford Systems? Rosemont College did, and they’ve embarked on a journey that’s transforming lives. It’s all about embracing the future, shaping minds, and fostering success — with Haverford Systems leading the way.

About Haverford Systems, Inc.

Haverford Systems, Inc., an industry leader in audio-visual integration, is where innovation meets practicality. For over 30 years, we’ve been bridging the gap between technology and effective communication. We’re more than just a service provider — we’re your partners in shaping the future. From corporate offices to educational institutions like Rosemont College, our tailored solutions are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in collaboration and learning. Our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction drives us to create state-of-the-art AV experiences. So, whether you’re looking to modernize a meeting space, enrich a learning environment, or transform an entire facility, Haverford Systems, Inc. is the partner you can trust. Feel free to reach out at Haverford Systems.


R.T. Chalfant is an Integration Sales Account Manager at Haverford Systems. Raised in West Chester and an alumnus of Earlham College in Indiana, R.T. is passionate about connecting customers with the best new technologies available today and excels at understanding customer needs and translating them into successful design and integration solutions. When R.T. is not working his magic in AV integration, he’s enjoying time with his wife and two children. A devoted Philadelphia sports fan, he also loves golfing, camping, and trips to the shore.

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