Riegelsville Inn Looking to Hire for the Fall, Winter Seasons. Here’s What to Know

The sign for the Reigelsville Inn
Image via Riegelsville Inn.
Riegelsville is located in the northernmost part of Bucks County.

A popular inn in Bucks County is looking to hire more staff as the year goes on and a busier season is fast approaching.

The Riegelsville Inn, located at 10-12 Delaware Road in the town of the same name, is looking to hire new employees for the fall/winter season. With many younger staff members going back to college, the inn will soon be in need of new people to continue upholding its reputation as a wonderful dining establishment in the area.

“This is a nights and weekends position that works well around school (or work) schedules,” the inn said online. “Experience is fantastic, but not necessary. We are happy to train on the job.”

A resume is not required, but the owners suggest dropping it off in person if applicants have one.

Riegelsville is located in the northernmost part of Bucks County. The town was named after Benjamin Riegel, a German man who established several mills in the town, as well as the nearby New Jersey town of the same name.

Learn more about the establishment and its upcoming positions at the Riegelsville Inn.


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