‘Tradition, History, and Community’: Morrisville Distillery Celebrates Bucks County with New Mural

The new mural outside of Ashlynn Distillery
Image via Ashlynn Distillery.
The purpose of the mural is to promote the business' commitment to the area's traditions, history, and sense of community.

A popular distillery in Bucks County is celebrating the area’s heritage with a new piece on artwork for all to see.

Ashlynn Distillery, located at 32 West Bridge Street in Morrisville, has a new mural painted on the side of their building.

The purpose of the mural, other than adding to Bucks County’s wonderful collection of public art, is to promote the business’ commitment to the area’s traditions, history, and sense of community.

“And that is exactly what we wanted to portray with the brand new mural on our distillery building!” the distillery said online. “What started with a blank wall now shows the history of Morrisville, PA and the canal barges through our town.”

Just recently, the business released another new spirit, “Ashlynn Agave Spirit”, a welcome addition for those who love the taste of tequila and mezcal. The 80-Proof spirit comes in a 750 ml bottle. At 40% ABV, it is the perfect addition to your summer drinks and other cocktails.

Learn more about the mural and the business’ work in the community at Ashlynn Distillery.


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