Results Shared from Family-Fun ‘Election’ Held at Middletown Grange Fair

Children at a voting machine.
Image via Bucks County Government.
The "election" was held during the Middletown Grange Fair.

The Middletown Grange Fair has come to an end, and the Bucks County Board of Elections has shared the results of a fun survey held at the event.

During the four days of the fair, the board put together a fun and educational activity for kids and adults to see and experience using their voting machines. The votes were for subjects like “Favorite Ice Cream Flavor” and “Favorite Superhero.”

The top ice cream flavor was vanilla at 216 votes, with chocolate just behind at 200 votes. Superman took the top spot for the superhero bracket at 370 votes, with Wonder Woman coming in second at 243 votes.

“Thank you to all who cast their ‘ballot’ and took part in our first Grange Fair poll!” the Bucks County Government said online.

The grange fair was held at 576 Penns Park Road in Wrightstown from Aug. 16 – 20. First starting in 1948, the fair has been a staple of Bucks County end-of-summer activities for decades. Each day saw a variety of family-fun events held that made for amazing memories.

Learn more about the results at the Bucks County Government.


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