Abington Friends School Seeks Sharers of the ‘Greatest Songs You’ve Never Heard’

participant in Justin Solonynka event
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Abington Friends School is hosting a music-sharing event on Mar. 29 on Zoom.

As part of its Lifelong Learning 2023 initiative, Abington Friend School (AFS) is holding a Mar. 29 online event for music lovers of classics and, perhaps, works that are more obscure. AFS choral director Justin Solonynka is the moderator-host.

Titled “The Greatest Song You’ve Never Heard,” the session invites participants to share a favorite song that may not be as well-known as they hope. There’s not even a need to commute to the school’s Jenkintown address to participate; the evening will be hosted on Zoom.

The goal is to widen musical tastes across all genres, cultures, tastes, and backgrounds.

Each participant will have about three minutes to play a section of a song. Following the clip, he or she will talk a bit about what makes it personally distinct, memorable, and even lovable.

The assembled listeners will then respond, expressing agreement, deepening the analysis, or perhaps even presenting an opposing but respectful view.

Song selections can run the gamut, from classical symphonic pieces to niche traditional folk tunes to long-forgotten Broadway show tunes. Even a classic ad jingle, if properly positioned as meaningful, is allowable.

The Mar. 29 Zoom event with Justin Solonynka runs 7–9 PM, and registrations can be made at the AFS website.


If even this retro jingle turns out to be a defensible favorite tune, it’s suitable for the AFS night of obscure music.

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