Bucks County Free Library Offers Tips to Keep Your Child’s Summer Reading Habits Going

Bucks County Free Library
Image via Bucks County Free Library.
These are just as few ways you can instill a lifelong love of reading in your children.

The Bucks County Free Library’s Children’s Services Coordinator offers these tips for helping a child maintain good reading habits:

Model good reading habits

Make sure your kids see you reading books, newspapers or magazines every day. After all, kids learn by watching the grown-ups around them. “When caregivers make time to read on their own – even for a few minutes a day – it shows that reading isn’t just for school or just for younger people,” says Kate Transue, the library’s Children’s Services Coordinator.  

Establish a library routine

Whether you come for a weekly storytime, time in a children’s play area, or to get new books, try pairing library visits with something you already do every week. Think piano lessons, a trip to the grocery store, or time at a nearby playground.

Let your kids pick their books

When kids select their own books, they’re more likely to read them – and enjoy it! Letting your child choose their own books also reinforces that reading isn’t done only at school.

Borrow books with at-home activities

For kids who like getting their hands dirty, try borrowing books that offer educational activities. “Weekends and holiday breaks are a great time to tackle a project from a book,” Transue says.

Build a book nook

It’s easier to keep up with a habit when it’s fun and relaxing. For school-age kids, try designating a comfy reading space where they can read without distractions.

Make sure they have a library card

If your child uses your library card, getting them a card of their own can help them feel ownership of their time at the library — while developing important life skills.

Learn more at the Bucks County Free Library.


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