Race for Bucks County Commissioner Could Determine State’s Results in Presidential Election

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The county has proven to be an important area in presidential elections in the past.

The nation’s eyes are on Bucks County and its election for the county commissioner, as many believe that this race could be an indicator of who will win the state in the presidential election next year, reports Fox News.

“Bucks went for Hillary, Bucks went for Biden, but it has also kept a Republican congressman, Brian Fitzpatrick, throughout the entire time,” said Pennsylvania-based columnist and reporter Salena Zito. “It swung back towards Republicans in 2021 in those off-year elections. So I think that what is important in these counties is, are these candidates listening to these voters?”

While Josh Shapiro and John Fetterman both won Bucks County without an issue, that did not provide Democrats with certainty about the future.

“If I were a Democrat I wouldn’t look at it as a Democrat county and I don’t think they do,” said Zito. “And if I were a Republican, I would say, what is working in messaging in a county like that, because it is a good mix of both suburban voters, upper-middle-class voters, but also working-class voters.”

Watch the entire segment at Fox News.


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