Bucks County Parks and Recreation Warns of Algae Blooms in Several Local Lakes

Image via Peace Valley Nature Center.
Environmental officials said that the algae blooms could be dangerous for humans and pets.

Bucks County Parks and Recreation is warning residents to stay away from a few local lakes for the health of people and their pets.

The government organization warned of algae blooms at Lake Towhee in QuakertownLake Galena in Doylestown, and Lake Luxembourg in Middletown Township.

“Please be reminded that walking/wading and swimming is NOT PERMITTED at any time in these lakes (this includes dogs),” the department said online. “Please be vigilant for HAB’s in these lakes by observing visual conditions, especially near docks.”

According to the Pennsylvania Harmful Algal Bloom Task Force, blooms occur with the rapid growth of cyanobacteria, which are blue-green algae toxins. An advisory has been issued at 300 units per milliliter. At 1,500 units per milliliter, the task force issues a warning for everybody to avoid contact with the water and notifies park managers that they should not let anybody use the lakes.

Learn more about the algae blooms at the Bucks County Parks and Recreation.


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