Three Bucks County Towns Listed Among the State’s 12 Most Adorable Places to Visit

Image via Yardley Historical Association.
These towns are considered some of the most charming in the state.

Three towns in Bucks County have been voted as some of the most adorable places to visit in the entire state of Pennsylvania. Staff writers at World Atlas wrote about the local towns.

Doylestown is considered to be one of the most wonderful places to visit in the state. From the wide array of shops to the top-quality homes scattered throughout the area, it is a one-of-a-kind destination for those looking for a new home.

Long-revered as one of the most fun areas in the whole county, New Hope is known for its unique shops and fabulous dining establishments, the town is a must-stop for both locals and visitors alike.

An art town through and through, it is still a hub for musicians and artists from all around the country, and is considered to be the center of the county’s art scene.

With a plethora of incredible estates to call home, countless dining establishments, and close proximity to the Delaware River and other beautiful and natural areas, Yardley has long been a popular spot for people to settle down in. It is also one of the most historic areas in the county, with many connections to the country’s founding and Pennsylvania’s rich Quaker history.

Learn more about the local small towns in World Atlas.


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