Bucks County History: Local Author’s Gravestone Pays Homage to Her Time in China

Image via Pearl S. Bucks International.
The author's grave bears her name in Chinese, honoring her background in that county.

An author from Bucks County made a large impact during her life, and her gravestone shares her relations to a country near to her heart.

Pearl S. Buck was known for her 1931 novel, The Good Earth, which documented life in rural China. During her life, she was a large proponent of the adoption of Chinese-born children, making her one of the first Americans to advocate for mixed-race adoption. 

After her death, her body was interred at her former residence. The Pearl S. Buck House, formerly known as Green Hills Farm, is located in a scenic part of the town of Dublin in Bucks County, where she lived for 40 years.

A large stone above her grave bears her name and the years she lived. On her actual gravestone, her birth name was etched in Chinese characters, a lasting homage to the country and culture that made her life.

Her novels brought a level of awareness of Chinese culture to an American audience; throughout her life, Buck lived in the country herself, residing in Zhenjiang and Nanjing under the name 赛珍珠 (Sai Zhenzhu).

Learn more at Pearl S. Buck International.


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