A Norristown Brewery Is One of the Best Little-Known Breweries in World

Von C. Brewing Co.
Image via Von C. Brewing Co.

Von C. Brewing Co., located in Norristown, made the latest list of top breweries in the world, writes David Johnston for the Men’s Journal.

The magazine picked their best breweries from the winners of the 2023 World Beer Cup, but decided to highlight only those breweries who were lesser known.

At the World Beer Cup, which was held as a part of the Craft Brewers Conference in Nashville, judges tasted over 10,000 of the best beers from around the world and picked gold, silver, and bronze medal winners for 103 different categories.

In total, 2,376 breweries from 51 countries entered the competition in 2023.

“Receiving a World Beer Cup award is a testament to quality and innovation, and we commend this year’s winners for setting the bar higher than ever,” said Chris Williams, the competition director for the World Beer Cup.

For their listing though Men’s Journal focused only on World Beer Cup winners who were smaller in size and do not yet have a lot of recognition.

Norristown’s Von C. Brewing Co. was second on their list. Their winning beer was the O.G. Pils, which the brewery said was based on a family recipe.  Von C. uses two varieties of barley and flaked maize to give the beer “the most thirst quenching and neutral flavor possible.”

See the fulling listing of best breweries in the Men’s Journal.


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