Annual Boating Festival in Bucks County Cancelled. Read to Learn Why

Image via Bucks County Dragon Boat Festival.
Organizers are unsure if the event will be held again.

An annual outdoor event in Bucks County is being cancelled, and organizers are not sure if it will ever be held again.

The Bucks County Dragon Boat Festival, which is annually held at Lake Luxembourg in Langhorne, has been cancelled.

“It is with much sadness that we announce that our 2023 Bucks County Dragon Boat Festival has been cancelled due to low registrations,” organizers said on social media.

Organizers also said that there are currently no plans on hosting it any longer.

“The Bucks County Dragon Boat festival was a labor of love and something our club looked forward to hosting each year. From the colorful dragon boats racing on Lake Luxembourg, to hearing the crowd cheering on the sidelines, we were extremely proud that we were able to host a dragon boat race at Core Creek Park for 5 years plus help those within our community at the same time.”

Learn more about the cancelled event at the Bucks County Dragon Boat Festival.


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