Yardley Historical Association Shares Local Blueprints Designed Over 100 Years Ago

image via Yardley Historical Association.
The organization shared the blueprints made over a century ago.

An organization in Bucks County has taken to social media to share a rare glimpse of the area’s development from a century ago.

The Yardley Historical Association, headquartered in the Old Library at Lake Afton on 46 West Afton Avenue in Yardley, recently shared old blueprints from a major development in the area. The lot plans, which were made for the River Mawr neighborhood, are dated from 1908-1910, with revisions made in 1912.

Developers Samuel J. Morgan and Manes A. Fuld, both from the area of Trenton in New Jersey, bought the land from Mary Yardley in 1908. The plans were made shortly thereafter.

“The detailed sheet shows a crossing over the Delaware Canal and the pathway that leads from North Main Street to Rivermawr,” the historical association said online.

The association maintains a collection of primary and secondary materials related to the area, including maps, photographs, newspapers, letters, deeds, and ephemera.

Learn more about this bit of local history at the Yardley Historical Association.


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