‘Investing in Infrastructure’ Event Discusses Area Transportation and Maximizing Federal Funds for It

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A recent conference in Phila. discussed ongoing funding for infrastructure, including that associated with SEPTA.

Leaders from some of the largest transportation and planning agencies in the region gathered at the Investing in Infrastructure event. There, they discussed the future of transportation in the region and how best to capitalize on the $1 trillion federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. Ryan Mulligan tuned into their thinking for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

The panelists agreed that prioritizing partnerships is the way to go. They committed to looking for local government funding to secure competitive federal grants for major infrastructure projects.

Greater Philadelphia has the “best transit infrastructure in the country,” said SEPTA CEO and General Manager Leslie Richards. But, she continued, “we haven’t been able to invest in it like it’s the best infrastructure in the United States.”

To properly access seed monies, organizations will have to secure local funding matches for grants at the federal level. This tactic will help in the bidding process when it comes to securing competitive grants.

“We need local matches to make this region more competitive,” said Richards. “I’m determined to make sure that we get more than our fair share because we truly need it.”

Read more about the event in the Philadelphia Business Journal.

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