Scientists Confirm That a Meteorite Struck a Home Just Outside of Bucks County

Image via The College of New Jersey.
The meteorite struck a home just outside of Bucks County.

Scientists and academic officials are confirming that a meteorite recently struck a home just across the river from Bucks County. Staff writers at Planet Princeton wrote about the discovery.

Officials from The College of New Jersey have confirmed that a small object, which recently struck a home in Hopewell Township, New Jersey, was a stony chondrite meteorite, weighing 2.2 pounds and estimated to be 4.56 billion years old.

The head of the college’s physics department, along with the professional opinion of retired meteorite expert Jerry Delaney of Rutgers University, took the object in for observation in an effort to understand its origins better.

“Getting the chance to examine the meteorite yesterday was a rare and thrilling opportunity for me, as well as for a group of physics students and professors at TCNJ,” said Nate Magee, a physics professor at the college.

“We are excited to be able to confirm that the object is a true chondrite meteorite, in excellent condition, and one of a very small number of similar witnessed chondrite falls known to science.”

Read more about the meteorite at Planet Princeton.


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