New Lower Merion Program Celebrates Township’s Rich History

Historic Wynnewood Homes Lower Merion Conservancy
Image via Elizabeth Robertson, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
The Lower Merion Conservancy is piloting a plaque program to recognize historic homes in Wynnewood's English Village.

The Lower Merion Conservancy is honoring the historic homes in the township with special brass plaques, writes Paul Jablow for The Philadelphia Inquirer

The pilot program first started earlier this year in the English Village development in Wynnewood, where the architecture of the manor homes pays homage to not only the rich history of the U.S., but that of Tudor England. 

In the 1920s and ‘30s, many Americans fell in love with Tudor Revival style of architecture which brought a taste of English country life to the United States. The style evokes medieval England with its sprawling manor homes and storybook cottages. All but three of the 32 homes in the development were built between 1925 and 1929 by architect S. Arthur Love and his brother Donald, a real estate developer. 

Through the conservancy program, many of these homes are now adorned with a brass plaque which includes the year the home was built and a rose, the emblem of the Tudor dynasty. 

“We have an embarrassment of [historic] riches in the township,” said Kathleen Abplanalp, director of historic preservation for the Lower Merion Conservancy. 

“Up until this point we hadn’t had an opportunity to celebrate it and acknowledge it publicly.” 

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