Proposed Distribution Center in Hilltown Township No Longer Happening. Here’s Why

distribution center
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As of right now, the new distribution center is not happening in Bucks County.

After much discussion and planning, a new distribution center in the Bucks County area is no longer moving forward. James McGinnis wrote about the center for the Bucks County Courier Times.

Verus Partners, a company based out of Chicago, was planning to use vacant land at Bethlehem Pike and Reliance Road in Hilltown Township to construct a new warehouse. This is mostly due to the company finding land in other nearby areas and concerns from local residents abut the added traffic to the area.

However, the center could still be built by another contractor.

The growth of e-commerce has seen a boom of distributors centers in the country, especially as companies like Amazon continue to be a mainstay in the country’s market.

A conditional use hearing on the project is planned for May 31, said Caleb Torrice, vice chair of the board of township supervisors.

“Considering this is still a pending case, I don’t feel further comment by me would be appropriate,” Torrice said.

Read more in the Bucks County Courier Times.


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