Council Rock South High School Senior’s New Book Covers Life with Down Syndrome

Down syndrome
Image via CBS News Philadelphia.
The local high school senior's book covers her life living with Down syndrome.

Mackenzie Patterson, a Council Rock South High School senior, is now a published author, writes Siafa Lewis for CBS News Philadelphia.

Patterson has published the book “A Girl With Down Syndrome”, where she shares her unique outlook on living life.

“It’s for anyone who wants to read it,” said Patterson. “Any family members, any parents who have disabilities, anyone who has it.”

David Cochran, a close family friend and an author, helped the 19-year-old after she reached out for some help.

“She told me it was her chance to share her perspective on what it’s like to live life with Down syndrome,” said Cochran.

The teen focused on writing about her life and her own experiences.

“I just think about some ideas that I loved about myself, my amazing friends in school, love my family so much, especially my mom,” said Kenz, as her family and friends call her. “She’s my rock.”

The book is currently available on Amazon and is both a great read and an inspiration source for anyone.

Read more about the book at CBS News Philadelphia.


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