Bucks County History: Post-War Love Captured in New Hope by Photographer

World War II
Image via Historic Photographs.
The couple reunited with one another at a Bucks County railroad station.

A photograph that was taken nearly 80 years ago shows a young couple reuniting in Bucks County after World War II.

Taken in 1945, the photograph shows a young married couple reunited at the end of the war. Title “New Hope”, the picture was taken at the New Hope Railroad, with the young couple embracing with a kiss as onlookers show their joy at the moment.

The Facebook page “Historic Photographs” shared the back-and-white image on their popular page.

The same railroad is still in use to this day, now acting as a popular tourist attraction year round. For the couple shown in the picture, this location served as an important part of their story, along with the story of the area they reunited in.

Not much is known about the couple or the person who took the picture. What is known is that it shows an important time period in the country and in Bucks County, as many who returned from the war stayed in the area to continue their lives with their families and to help build up the community in which they lived.

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