Hit Your Target with SAM Goals: 5 Ways to Reach Goals Faster

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As mid-year rapidly approaches, how are you doing on your goals program? Did you stick with them or fall off the wagon in week two?

Here is the great news: It’s not too late! You still have six months to hit those New Year Goals whether you fell off or just recently slacked off. Let’s take a quick refresher on how you will achieve those personal and professional goals fast.

1. Revisit or create a SAM goal. Just like a surface to air missile that hits its target with amazing accuracy, you will hit your SAM goal when you write it down and follow action steps to get there. You want to set a Specific, Achievable, and Measurable goal that is personally meaningful. Describe your goal in sensory terms so you can visualize what the future will look, sound, feel, taste and smell like when you achieve it.  

2. Set a plan for the changes required to achieve the goal. You cannot take the old you along to achieving the goal. You must become your future self now to achieve higher-level goals. Start feeling and acting as if the goal has already been reached and then do what it takes to “finish” it. 

3. Remember your Why. Why do you want this to happen?  How is it going to make you feel? Is the “why” meaningful enough to keep you going when it gets tough? You must have a very compelling reason to persevere through seasons of trial. 

Rewards make the difference. Think about the personal benefits of reaching the goal and write them out to stay motivated — block time, work your plan, and don’t procrastinate. Sell yourself on the benefits and rewards of achieving the goal. The “why” is always more powerful than “how.” Remember — energy goes where energy flows. 

4. Install a consequence that really hurts if you don’t stay on plan. What is the loss for you personally if you don’t achieve your goal? It could be as simple as reporting to an accountability partner on a weekly basis. Or it could be a “tax” that you pay a friend or coworker when you don’t follow through.

5. Set aside time to win. Block daily time slots in your calendar to complete the necessary action steps. Protect those blocks of time and don’t let distractions derail you from your most important goals. Stay focused on what matters most.

Remember that you want to look back on a successful journey. The only way to get there is to do the work. Act every day to achieve this goal. One day soon, you will look up and see that you are on the road to living the life of your dreams.

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