This Small Town in Bucks County was Listed as the Best in the State of Pennsylvania

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The Parry Mansion Museum, located in New Hope, is a popular historical spot for visitors to check out.

A popular town in Bucks County was ranked as the best small town in the entire state, with some other local towns making the list as well. Emily Zemler wrote about this town and others for PureWow.

New Hope has been ranked as the best charming small town in Pennsylvania out of the 16 listed. Long-revered as one of the most fun areas in all of Bucks County, the town is known for its unique shops and fabulous dining establishments, the town is a must-stop for both locals and visitors alike.

Only 40 miles away from Philadelphia, 70 miles from New York City, and a walk across the bridge from Lambertville over in New Jersey, the Bucks County town has become a hub for visitors all around the Northeast, with many celebrities calling the borough their home on and off throughout the last few decades.

The list also ranked Yardley as the sixth best-town and Doylestown as the twelfth-best. Both known for they vibrant cultures of daily and small business, they are perfect complements to the top-ranking area in the state.

Read more about New Hope and the other Bucks County towns at PureWow.


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