Two Bucks County Veterans to be Laid to Rest in Upcoming Service in Newtown

Image via Washington Crossing National Cemetery.
The cemetery will honor two veteran before their interments.

A ceremony is scheduled to be held in Bucks County this week in order to honor several local heroes who will be laid to rest.

Washington Crossing National Cemetery, located at 830 Highland Road in Newtown, will be hosting another Service for Unattended Veterans on March 30 at 2:15 PM. The service will honor two local veterans, both members of the U.S. Army, who passed away with no relatives to claim them.

The veterans being honored and buried are:

  • Richard Brooks, US Army PFC during World War II, from Bucks County
  • John R. Davison, US Army SP4, from the state of Georgia

“This dignified service is called The Unattended Service and ensures that these Veterans are laid to rest with the honor and respect they deserve,” the national cemetery said online.

“No veterans should take this final journey alone.”

The veterans will be given a traditional military send-off before being interred.

Learn more about the upcoming ceremony at Washington Crossing National Cemetery.


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