Telford-Based Nutty Novelties Offers Specialty Spreads for Everyone

Nutty Novelties
Image via Nutty Novelties.
The nut butter company offers unique spreads for everyone.

Telford’s Nutty Novelties has an assortment of products to choose from that are guaranteed to up your PB&J game. Timothy Walton wrote about the local company for 6abc.

Caleb Mangum started the business at the Lansdale Farmers’ Market almost a decade ago. He then expanded into other markets across the region.

“I found the Ocean City Farmers Market, I found the Princeton Farmers Market,” he said. “Three, four, five markets a week. I was starting to get wholesale requests.”

In 2017, he had to expand his space so he moved to his current location in Telford.

Since then, his business has expanded to include a variety of nut butters, such as almonds, peanuts, pistachio, cashew, and walnuts.

Nutty Novelties also offers several sweet options, like cinnamon peanut butter, dark chocolate almond butter, and white chocolate walnut butter, which Mangum refers to as “the cookie dough of nut butters.”

A spicy habanero honey peanut butter is another of the many unusual but delicious flavors. Still, classic peanut butter remains its most popular product.

The nut butters can be found at local stores and markets as well as at the Popcorn Works in Telford, where they are made.

Watch the entire segment at 6abc.


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