Telford Nut Butter Company’s Success Is a Testimony to Its Young Founder’s Grit

hand with jar
Image via Nutty Novelties.
Nutty Novelties has been a smooth success thanks to the perseverance of its founder.

Resilient Caleb Mangum arose phoenix-like from the ashes of a failed trail-mix brand to conquer the local nut butter market. Lisa Dukart cracked open the story of his Nutty Novelties brand for the appropriately initialed PBJ, Philadelphia Business Journal.

Mangum started in the nut business after graduating from Temple University. He developed a build-your-own approach to trail mix that was initially popular, especially at local farmer’s market, but eventually dwindled.

A fellow market vendor (from Chalfont) suggested nut butters, and in 2013, he began grinding out a new product.

His original eight flavors are now 18; varieties include the expected (dark chocolate almond) and the unexpected (habanero honey).

And Mangum is not finished expanding the product line. A white chocolate walnut butter is now on the market; Mangum likens it to cookie dough.

The business has been entirely self-funded, and Mangum is not courting investors.

“I don’t have plans to conquer the world or anything,” he said. “I just want to make awesome nut butters.”

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