Southampton Body Sculpting Business Moving to Another Part of the County. Read to Learn Where

body sculpting
Image via The Skinny Me Zone.
The business is moving to another part of Bucks County.

A business in Buck County is moving to another part of the area, offering body sculpting and facial rejuvenation services.

The Skinny Me Zone, located at 1111 Street Road in Southampton, will be moving their operations to a new location in the area of Doylestown on June 1.

“We’re moving to Doylestown,” the business said on social media. “See you soon!”

Offering beauty procedures and other aesthetic practices, the business will now offer their services to event more residents of Bucks County.

“Our treatments can help you get rid of those stubborn areas that make you feel hopeless with your exercise and even eating well!” the business said online.

“Our fast results leave you more motivated than ever to continue on your health and wellness journey!”

Owned and operated by founder Jami Appenzeller, the business is for men and women who are looking to get back to a healthier lifestyle.

Learn more about the new location at The Skinny Me Zone.


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