Police Department in Bucks County Looking for Winners of Unclaimed Prizes

police department
Image via Bensalem Police.
The police department is looking for the rightful owners of several prizes.

A police department in Bucks County is looking for the winners of several prizes before the due date to claim them comes up.

The Bensalem Police Department has announced that there are a few winners of their public safety card program who have not come in for their prizes.

“The top 3 winners have submitted their names and have been verified BUT we still have Target gift cards available for the first student in each of these schools to collect the set.”

The school in question are Belmont Hills Elementary, Cornwells Elementary, Faust Elementary School, Lane Elementary, School Lane Middle, Shafer Middle School, Saint Charles, Saint Ephrem’s, Struble Elementary, and Valley Elementary.

“Participants can either print out a checklist from the Bensalem Township Police Department’s website (bensalempolice.org) or they can pick up a copy of the checklist when they visit the police department while on the hunt for trading cards,” the police department said online.

Learn more about the prizes at the Bensalem Police Department.


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