Pipersville Garden Center Offers Anything and Everything for Local Plant Lovers

plant shop
Image via Piper Hill Hanging Gardens.
The shop has a wide selection of plant life and accessories.

A plant shop in Bucks County offering everything that those who love the outdoors and gardening would need for a great green selection.

Piper Hill Hanging Gardens, located at 7078 Easton Road in Pipersville, sells houseplants, accessories, handmade crafts and other planty stuff. For those who want to bring the wonders of nature into their home, this local shop offers all the essentials for all of the area’s green-thumbed residents.

“Piper Hill Hanging Gardens offers a plethora of familiar & rare tropical houseplants, accessories, handmade crafts and other planty stuff for experienced and beginner plant parents,” the shop wrote on their website.

Along with their large selection of plants, the shop also offers a wide array of candles and pots for the plants.

Set up in a welcoming environment, this is a wonderful spot to stock up on plants and add a little more excitement to one’s home. For those who want to go green this spring, head over to Piperville to find your next favorite plant.

Learn more about the business at Piper Hill Hanging Gardens.


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