New Hope Farm Opens ‘Tray House’ for Plants, Built by Local Landscaping Company

Image via Stoney Lane Organic Farm.
The local farm's new addition will be used to store seeds for planting.

A farm in Bucks County recently had an addition built in their property in order to keep more seeds and plants healthy before planting.

Stoney Lane Organic Farm, located at 5055 Ridge Road in New Hope, has unveiled their new ‘tray house’ on their property. The quasi-greenhouse will be used to store the farm’s seed trays until they are ready to be transplanted and grown.

“We have some great produce planned for the Spring and Summer seasons,” the farm said online.

The tray house was built by Cultural Landscapes, Inc., a landscaping company that shares the property of the farm.

The farm has been growing produce in an organic manner since 2017.

“Nothing is more important to us than supporting healthy lifestyle choices for our community through sustainable and accessible produce.”

For those looking too support a local farm and get quality food, this local spot is a great place to stock up on organic produce.

Learn more about the new greenhouse area at Stoney Lane Organic Farm.


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