Morrisville Kombucha Makers Make Their Way into Local Cafe, Other Establishments

drink company
Image via Horsham Farmers Market.
The kombucha makers' bubbly creations can be found in spots around the county.

A drink company in Bucks County is selling their latest flavors of their bubbly drink at a local coffee shop, and residents are taking notice.

Twilight Kombucha, headquartered at 101 Washington Street in Morrisville, has begun to sell their canned kombucha drinks at Pretty Bird Coffee, a popular cafe in Yardley.

What is kombucha, you might ask? It is a drink commonly made of a mix of tea, fruit juices, and some sort of sugar, which is fermented and made into an effervescent and probiotic-rich drink.

Along with the natural goodness of the ingredients, the Morrisville kombucha makers incorporate reiki, a form of alternative medicine and energy working, into their drink-making.

The brand is also being sold at the Johnson Hall Coffee House in Hulmeville, Aristaeus Brewing in Langhorne, and the Horsham Farmers Market in Horsham. For those looking for a healthy soda alternative this year, the Morrisville company has you covered.


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