Levittown Nonprofit Continues Assisting Ukrainian Refugees Displaces by Recent Conflict

Image via iStock.
The nonprofit has been working to help those displaced by the conflict.

A nonprofit in Bucks County is continuing to help the people of Ukraine through supplying them with much-need goods and accessories. Elena Perri wrote about the organization for Catholic Philly.

The Bucks County Family Service Center, located at 100 Levittown Parkway in Levittown, has been helping displaced refugees to get back on their feet after dealing with the recent conflict with Russia.

“The highest density of populations is in Bucks County and Northeast Philadelphia because there are established Ukrainian communities in those areas prior to the war breaking out with Russia,” said Katherine Baumgardner, administrator of the organization.

“What I think is unique about Catholic Social Services is that we really try to set up the home for them. We help provide things you would make a home with – linens, dishes, towels, etc.”

Read more about raw nonprofit’s efforts at Catholic Philly.


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