Jamison Farm Looking for Staff Members, Specifically Ones Good with Pigs

Image via Ross Mill Farm & Piggy Camp.
The farm is looking for qualified applicants to help them raise the animals.

A farm in Bucks County is looking for qualified helping hands that can assist them with property maintenance and their various animals.

Ross Mill Farm & Piggy Camp, located at 2464 Walton Road in Jamison, is looking to hire additional staff members who are great with pigs. The farm acts as a sanctuary for the animals and the owners require more helping hands as their operation grows in size.

“The new team member will work outside directly with the pigs,” the farm said online. “Responsibilities include the day-to-day activities of feeding, cleaning, and caring for 80 pigs. Plus general maintenance of the grounds and equipment.”

Founded in 1990, the farm has been recognized as innovative in their methods of raising pigs as pets.

“The Farm’s techniques, services, and products have become the standard for quality and excellence in the care of this unique breed type.”

Learn more about the farm’s positions at Ross Mill Farm.


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