Five High-Paying Jobs That A.I. Can’t Replace

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Artificial intelligence generators such as Chat GPT is worrying the U.S. workforce. However, there are many careers that can’t be replaced by robots. Here are high-paying jobs that can’t be replaced by artificial intelligence…at least any time soon.  


Average annual income: $127,990  

While A.I. could make lawyers’ jobs easier by drafting legal documents for them, attorneys are still necessary in all other parts of the legal process.  


Average annual income: $300,000 a year for surgeons, $200,000 for pediatricians 

Robots are making a breakthrough in the medical industry, but they still need human oversight. Robotic arms in surgery are still operated by real doctors.  


Average annual income: $249,760  

Despite what you might have seen in sci-fi movies, A.I. is not able to replicate human emotions authentically or emphasize with their patients.  


Average annual income: $59,880 

This position along with other trade jobs will not go away with the A.I. revolution. These fields require human dexterity that robots cannot quite accomplish.  


Average annual income: $80,180 

Architects might use A.I. to generate models but they still need to oversee the process and rely on real people to provide feedback. 

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How A.I. is changing the job market.

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