Bucks County Theater Prepares for Rendition of Famous Musical with Film on the Subject

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A theater group in Bucks County will be showing a movie about the real-life play they are preparing to perform in the near future.

The Bucks County Gilbert & Sullivan Society, a nonprofit theatre group located in Doylestown, will be showing the movie “Topsy Turvy” at a local theater on April 13. The film is about the beginnings of the musical “The Mikado”, which the theater is preparing to perform in the near future.

“Topsy Turvy tells the story of the first production of The Mikado in London in 1888, with all the triumphs & foibles that happened along the way – a great movie to set you up to watch OUR Mikado in June!”

The performances will take place from June 16-18 at Delaware Valley University. Performers will be accompanied by a full orchestra.

“The mission of the Bucks County Gilbert and Sullivan Society is to promote and faithfully perform the works of Gilbert & Sullivan, to enhance opportunities for amateur theater in Bucks County, and to provide educational, social and charitable benefits to the Bucks County community.”

Learn more about the musical at the Bucks County Gilbert & Sullivan Society.


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