Three Ways to Complain to Your Boss

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It might be intimidating to approach your boss about any issues that you’re facing at work. However, struggling in silence is not the answer. Here’s how to complain to your boss and also succeed in your career, according to The Wall Street Journal.  

Do it Gracefully 

There’s a fine line between whining and addressing an issue head-on. Career coaches and experts instead advise disgruntled workers to come to their boss with proposed solutions, stick to the facts, and leave room for input.  

Words Matter 

It’s important to be tactful with your words, especially in a professional setting. Experts advise avoiding definitive statements such as “It’s obvious we should fix this”, or “you” statements that could be interpreted as accusatory. “We” statements, as opposed to “I” are the best way to approach an issue, it comes off as less threatening and shows that you’re operating from a team-based mindset.  

Take a Deep Breath 

Sometimes emotionally unleashing your complaints, although justified, can backfire. Take a beat and figure out if this is an issue that can be resolved yourself before discussing it with your boss. If not, make sure you’re deliberate with your words.  

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